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Welcome to our website, we hope that you find it informative as well as helpful for your situation or that of those you are concerned about in life. Over the last few years our website and our International Pages on Social Media have received a lot of attention, mainly due to our Intervention in the Exposing and the Rescue of a Little Baby Boy in The Philippines. It truly is amazing as to how much can be achieved in such a short space of time simply by Individuals  & Organizations working together from all corners of the world with the one aim to help find & rescue a Child from a life of Abuse. We are extremely fortunate to be connected to Law Enforcement Agencies & Personnel not just all over the USA but the world. We have allies in Australia, Europe, Asia, Albania, Canada, Brazil, South & Central America, you name it and we have some contacts in these countries that not only are willing to speak and work with us but they actually listen to what we say and they act on it without delay. 

Another Worldwide Organization that we are honored to be associated with is called CARI - Child Abduction Recovery International and they are the only organization in the World that specializes in Child Abduction Recovery that we will not only work with but who we will recommend and endorse to the highest level. There are many agencies that pertain to do the work that CARI do however they can never achieve the professionalism or the 100% results that CARI achieve and that is why we are more than happy to have them on our Website and to also inform parents of children worldwide that there is an Organization out there that will help you if you need it. The link to CARI is below and also in our Links Page. If you check on the Website for this organization and go to the links page you will find the Law Enforcement Agencies Globally that they work with as well as the link for Nolonger Victims as they have recently teamed up with us and as you can see they are very select in who they work with and endorse. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with CARI and to helping these children to live a happy and safe life in the future.

I would like to thank Mr.Don Baker who has produced the  video on here so as to help to raise more awareness about institutional abuse. Nolonger Victims is our  call to action for and on behalf of every  Man, Woman &Child who has or is currently suffering from any form of Sexual, Physical or Mental /Verbal Abuse. Nolonger Victims is now totally Global we have Online Branches on Social Media Facebook in currently 35 states n the USA and this is  growing  daily. We will be in all 50 within a very short period of time. On top of these State pages we also have Online Branches for Law Enforcement -Elder Abuse - Veteran & Disabilities as all can be victims of abuse and at Nolonger Victims we want you to know that we will be your voice, and you are Nolonger Voiceless. We now also have International Branches in Germany- Ireland - UK - Spain -and coming very shortly will be Branches in Australia - Brazil - Italy- Finland - Turkey - Iceland - Canada -Indonesia - Austria these should be up and running very soon and we intend to be in as many countries around the world by the end of 2019. If your country doesn't already have a Branch of Nolonger Victims then please Email me directly at [email protected] and I will do my utmost to organize same. We want people to join us and to help make the voices of all victims heard, Our organization is not about your Educational Qualifications it is about a Passion to Stop All Abuse and to help educate society that Hindsight is No Use When it Comes to Abuse. So please help your community to have a voice  through your association with Nolonger Victims.

We are  staunch supporters of all  Veteran's and have a designated Support site on FB for those with Disabilities & Veterans which is managed by a Veteran and our Law Enforcement Page by a Law Enforcement Officer. We are very particular in who we have on our Team as we want only those that can relate to your pain, your situation and have a comprehension that Abuse happens to all irrespective of your gender and or race, religion or career path.

We were recently awarded the Website of Excellence by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress and we are  thrilled and honored to be able to share this with you. Our Group website Koi Global Consulting not only shares this honor but the site also elaborates on a lot more of our services and resources which we provide to all. Don't forget to also check out our Sister Site Koi Global Consulting simply by clicking onto the following link . Like Nolonger Victims this website has also won an award and has a vast array of our global services including details of our International Expert Witness Reports, which can make a huge difference to not just the length of any litigation but also the financial burden on you during the process.

What  is offered on this page is FREE and Our support and help is available to you 24/7. Abuse has no clock out time, and neither do we. Nolonger Victims also has it's own Online  Daily Newspaper This paper is filled with Worldwide Topics that relate to Abuse as well as General News. It is FREE to Read,FREE to Subscribe too and FREE to RECEIVE in your Inbox on your email account.

This website is for all victims of abuse, irrespective of your Gender, Sexual Orientation,your Religion all are welcome on this page and all will be given as much help and support as you may need, in order to become a Survivor in life and not just another Statistic. We are staunch supporter of Men who have been or currently are victims of abuse, as they are sadly left in general to suffer in silence due to the ignorance in society and with Governments, but with Nolonger Victims, Men are treated and supported in the same way as Society treats and supports Women. All Men are welcome on this site and we welcome their contribution and views, as that is the only way in Society that we can help to stop this Ignorance to Men of Abuse. Hence One Page specifically for Men on this website. We also welcome Men onto our Team and encourage Men to join us as either your State Team Leader or even Country Team Leader if outside the USA. It is very important that we have both genders in our Teams as the feelings and views of all are critical to ensuring our work is the best that it can be and is not one sided but provides all the resources & support that any & every victim of abuse needs to be that Survivor we know you can be,

For those that are presently a victim of abuse, please feel free to message us or email us in the strictest of confidence, or you can go to Facebook and look us up under Nolonger Victims or Nolonger Victims and your state name.If you just need some advice or help and support in order to escape your life of abuse, then please reach out and let us know. We will do whatever we possibly can to help you and to ensure that you are not alone. Irrespective of where you are around the World, we have somebody that can help you,.Whether it is in the USA, Australia, Canada, Europe, Africa, Asia help  is literally at the end of a phone call, and always within your reach. All of our team have either endured abuse or know a huge amount about it, so you are speaking to those that understand your pain and will help you every step of the way on your road to recovery.

For those that are Advocates or Professionals in any field of Abuse, should you wish to have some of your work included on the website, please do let us know and we will facilitate you if at all possible. Lurleen Hilliard Founded Nolonger Victims & is the Chief Executive Officer .She is a Certified Expert Witness on Traumatic Stress, and is available for any and all Legal Cases and Court. She and her team are also available Worldwide for Interviews, Empowerment Talks, Public Speaking & Raising the Awareness to Abuse, Human Trafficking and the direct link with them and other abuses. All Media inquiries for any Radio - TV- Newspaper  interviews, please email Lurleen directly at [email protected]  OR  contact  Nolonger Victims International at [email protected]. We will revert to you immediately and at the latest within 24 hrs from receipt of request.

Click on the links above to get some more details on Abuse issues and to also find out where in the world you can access help locally. The website will grow every day and become a One Stop Site for All that you can ever need to know on Abuse, Prevention, Education, Intervention. Any feedback and comments or issues, please complete the Contact form and I will revert to you personally.