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What Nolonger Victims Website is all about

Welcome all to the new Nolonger Victims Website that deals with all issues of Abuse, that includes Child Abuse Domestic - Physical - Emotional - Sexual - Gender based abuse, Abuse of Power, Human Trafficking and Domestic Minor Trafficking,Parental Alienation, Child Abduction, Elder, Veteran, Law Enforcement Abuse..No abuse is ignored, and No abuse is ever acceptable. Whatever form of abuse you have suffered, you are very welcome on this site and all the help and support that you need is here for you. Should you not be able to find the resources that you require, please let us know and  we will find them for you.

All that will be contained in this site will be factual, and up to date information that will hopefully help with the Education, Intervention, Prevention of abuse of all. Should you wish to contact Admin or to have any specific requests re support or information on abuse, then please complete the Online Contact  Form and we will revert to you within 24 hrs, but usually within an hour or two. Any topic of abuse that you want to be made public,or to have information on please feel free to  contact us and we will try to facilitate your request. This is a website for all to enjoy, be educated and informed on issues of abuse, but is a forum that will hopefully allow more Victims of Abuse Worldwide to become Survivors.

Lurleen Hilliard the founder of Nolonger Victims lived a life of abuse with her ex husband, it forced her to live this life behind closed doors  with her four sons,for over 20 years.Like most  victims of abuse, she was isolated, no financial support, no family support, few friends, totally controlled by her ex husband, terrified of his  abuse and whether or not she would wake up every night that she went to sleep.There is little in the form of abuse that either she or her son's went through and is the reason as to why she is so passionate about helping others.After the people of Alaska saved her life literally, she vowed to dedicate her life to helping other victims of abuse, in particular the people of Alaska. As without them she would be another statistic in a society that already has far too many.

Lurleen has been doing a huge amount of work over the last few years across the world with victims of  abuse and in particular with victims in United States of America. The law's there although not perfect, at least offer some form of  protection for the victims of abuse and justice.Although they also have issues that need to be addressed  they are way ahead of Ireland her home country. That  is why Lurleen is Determined to Make her Voice heard it is all over the World and in particular in the USA. She has been endorsed by some of the Top Abuse Organizations and Advocates  within the USA, and now has an amazing team of Volunteers working with her to make Nolonger Victims the One Stop Shop for all information on all abuse issues.

This team is made up of Survivors of Abuse and those that are dedicated to making sure the voices of victims are heard, and that they are not mere statistics in life.What this wonderful amazing team have done is to set up Facebook / Twitter pages for every state within the USA, and on top of this Individual Pages for those with Disabilities, Senior Citizens, LGBT, Firefighters /EMT, Law Enforcement, and if that wasn't enough, this team is now gone Global. They are operating branches currently in Ireland, England, and will have Australia, South Africa and more online soon.

Abuse has no boundaries so neither do the team at Nolonger Victims, as we are a team that works together to make noise so that we can ensure that all victims are given the support and protection that they need in life, and to be free from pain. Nolonger Victims can also provide a Certified Expert Witness for all Traumatic Stress which can help out on any and all Legal Cases around the world on any abuse issues. This is a very hard certification to receive, however Lurleen has been validated by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress as an Expert in this field, as well as many other areas. So please do contact us if we can help you and your case. As your voice needs to be heard and your pain known to those that are been held accountable for same.

Our team is growing daily and we want more and more to join us, So if you can offer some time to help us on our Social Network Sites and become a State or National Team Leader & Administrator, then please click on the Contact Button on the website and let us know. We welcome Men & Women as both are victims in life and we never discriminate when it comes to abuse, and certainly not ever with your gender.


 Life is for living ,Not just existing. Remember Live for Today, and Dream for Tomorrow.Don't  forget to join us on the Social Network Sites.