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This page is for everybody in the world who has ever suffered from Domestic Violence, Child Abuse,Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking. These abuses are all directly related and yet are sadly ignored by many. It is not just for women and children as men suffer too, in fact they suffer in more silence than women do. But I am tired of nothing been done until we become another statistic.However together we can try and get Governments all over the world to help now before we are headline news. We must be the voices for those who are currently voiceless due to their life of abuse and fear or the stigma attached to reaching out and asking for help. No victim is ever at fault, that fault lies solely at the foot of the Abuser, Trafficker, Predator.

Remember today's children are the adults of our future, if we don't protect them from a life of abuse, and do all that we possibly can to ensure they keep their childhood innocence as long as possible, then the future is going to be a very scary and damaged world for all.

Reaching out and Speaking out for all victims is my vocation in life, I will do all that I can whilst I have a breath in me to help to rescue and support all victims of any form of abuse. Nobody is ever excluded and all will be supported and protected from their life of abuse and their abusers.

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Irish Government's Failure To Provide Sex Offenders Public Register--Petition to Change this & Mandated Sentencing

Posted by [email protected] on March 13, 2014 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Advocates for Victims of Abuse--- I am Asking For Your Support--The Children of Ireland Need Your Signatures

Can you help ?  Will you help ? Sign Here :


Many of you on this page are either an Individual Advocate for Child/Male/Domestic/Elder/System Abuse which incorporates all forms of abuse within those categories. As you know I also fight daily to help Educate, Protect and to Prevent these abuses, and we have a battle on our hands

I am asking you all to HELP ME with a PETITION that is DESPERATELY NEEDED FOR THE CHILDREN OF IRELAND. For those that don't know how bad the situation is in Ireland here are some details for you.



Life in Jail means a Maximum of 20 years but is usually halved on good behavior.

We have NO PUBLIC SEX OFFENDERS REGISTER -Therefore we can have literally any Sex Offender, Pedophile, Child Molester living beside us, around all our children and the Government doesn't think that we need to know about this. WELL WE DO

Nobody is allowed to see a Photo or the Details of a Pedophile as he or she is protected by our laws. The same laws that have failed so many children

A Recent Court Case where the little girl had been Raped by her own Dad, by her Neighbor as her mom was having an affair with him and gave him her daughter to do what he wanted, who kept her on a dog lead and collar and was unable to eat or care for herself at 9 years old when finally rescued. She had suffered FOUR YEARS of this hell before the Authorities intervened. The Sentence for the Neighbor was an insulting 8 Years incarceration, so he will be out in 4. He is not in general population, but in protection. The mom is out on bail walking the streets and her own dad to be sentenced yet I AM DEMANDING THAT THE IRISH GOVERNMENT PROTECT OUR CHILDREN AND NOT THE SCUM THAT SEXUALLY ABUSE THEM

This Petition Below is set up to Ensure that we get a Public Sex Offenders Register for all those that are Convicted of Sex Crimes, We Need it, We Are Entitled to it And We will Fight to Protect all Children in Ireland. Please SHARE THIS PETITION AND HELP ME TO HELP ALL THESE INNOCENT CHILDREN 

I have over 1100 friends on my own personal FB page and nearly a 1000 on Nolonger Victims page, plus all that are on the other sites that I have a large presence on,if even half of you all sign it and share this petition, that will open the doors to thousands of people sharing and been pro active to help stop abuse. One Minute of your time,. can help to save a child so please help the children of Ireland to grow up to be Adults of our world

Sign & Share Please. Always remember that the children of Ireland have no Voice, so we the Adults & Advocates must be the voice for them and demand their protection as well as justice.


Nolonger Victims