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Signs of Abuse in Children -What You Need to Know

Indicators of sexual abuse with Children 

Children often show non-physical signs that they have been sexually abused. Experts say some kids may show many of these signs, while others only a few. Below is a list of some symptoms of sexual abuse and trauma in children that don't include obvious physical signs such as venereal disease and pregnancy. Remember that a perpetrator of abuse on a child, will be very cunning. He or She will always make out that they are the perfect parent, sibling, relation, member of the community. As they will thrive on the control this allows them to have over their victim the child.Know the signs and Know your children, as when been abused they are voiceless to ask for any help.

Indicators of sexual abuse in young children include: 

» Sleep disturbances 

» Bed wetting and/or loss of fecal control 

» Regressive behavior 

» Self-destructive or risk-taking behavior 

» Impulsivity, distractibility, difficulty concentrating

» Refusal to be left alone 

» Fear of an individual, such as an alleged offender 

» Fear of people of a specific type or gender

» Fire setting 

» Cruelty to animals

» Problems relating to peers 

» Sudden changes in behavior 

» Difficulties in school 

» Inappropriate interest (for the age) in things sexual

Indicators of sexual abuse in older children include: 


» Eating disturbances (overeating, bulimia and anorexia) 

» Running away 

» Substance abuse 

» Self-destructive behavior, suicide attempts, self-mutilation 

» Incorrigibility 

» Criminal activity 

» Depression and social withdrawal 

» Problems relating to peers 

» Sudden changes in behavior

» Anger issues

» Difficulties in school